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Danube Wine Challenge 2019


The main goal of the „Danube Wine Challenge“ Competition is to focus on wines from the Danube region, that share common historical, cultural, wine and gastronomic traditions.

The competition becomes open to wines from all over the world, in order to promote the quality of Slovak wine, firmly anchored in Central Europe, but mainly to point out and highlight its importance in an international context of wines. The competition is an extraordinary and unique opportunity to compare wines from different regions of the world that are different from each other in terms of soil and climatic conditions, but also different in the way of preparation.

Competition date

June 5th and 6th, 2019


Entry Deadline

24th of Maj 2019


Registration is available at: www.elwis.cz





Civil Association “Podunajská vínna cesta” is focused mainly on viniculture and winegrowing in the Danube region and its members are personal and legal entities whose goal is to support regional development.

Danube Wine, s.r.o. has an influence mainly in the Danube region. They are organizing different wine events in the wine and rural tourism industry.